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Enjoying your pool is important, but nothing is more crucial than safety when it comes to pools. Our trained and certified pool technicians will maintain your pool, spa, and all components.

Bacteria-laden water can be a health hazard, so we ensure that your water is kept clean and free of bacteria and algae that can be harmful to your health. With proper maintenance and sanitization, contamination of water can be successfully avoided. In turn, skin rashes and eye irritation can be easily avoided.

A regular cleaning maintenance schedule can ensure that the health of your pool water is optimal at all times.

Ensuring Optimal Balance of Pool Water

Perhaps the most important aspect of pool maintenance is ensuring that the water is in proper balance at all times. Here are just a handful of reasons why this is so important.


Regardless of whether you are keeping your pool water clean and sanitized with a chlorine-based tablet or salt-based producing chlorine, the pH level absolutely needs to be kept in proper balance at all times. If not, the chlorine sanitizer will not be working to its full capacity in an effort to ward off bacteria and germs.


Nobody wants to have to suffer with burning eyes or itchy skin just to enjoy some time in the pool. Instead, to keep comfort level to a maximum for all bathers, the water balance must be adequately maintained around the clock. The pH should not be too acidic nor too basic in order for the water to feel comfortable.


Pool water that is not properly balanced can actually corrode all components of the pool, including the handrail, ladder, pump, and filter, to name a few.


In addition to keeping the pH level balanced, it’s also important to keep debris out of the water as well. Whether it’s leaves, insects, or anything else that might make its way to the water, they need to be removed. If not, they can clog up your filter and make your pump have to work extra hard, which can shorten its lifespan. | 12343 Hymeadow Drive, Suite 3-A, Austin, TX 78750
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